Momiji Collectors | We meet Asligul Tanyolac

Momiji Collectors | We meet Asligul Tanyolac

We’re back with the second of our interviews with Momiji Superfans. This month we’re heading to Turkey (although sadly only digitally, I wish we were jumping on a plane!) There’s a whole lot of Momiji love over there. We love hearing about Turkish collectors from Oylum and Onur, our distributors and friends at ByWonderland in Istanbul. We know @msroseberry from her fabulous Instagram photos, so we asked her a few questions about how she became such a Momiji fan. 

Oylum, owner of ByWonderland said “Asligul Tanyolac aka @msroseberry was one of the first Momij collectors in Turkey. She loves to spread her Momiji love and she always inspires a lot of Momiji lovers with her amazing pictures. Sometimes I feel like she is a real Momiji doll because she makes people around her so happy.”

Asligul was even featured in an article in the Turkish newspapers about dedicated Momiji collectors and Instagrammers!

Hello Asligul! Can you tell us about how you first discovered Momiji?

I think the first time I discovered them must have been in a designer magazine, because when I first saw Plu & Pia in a shop in person I had that feeling that I knew about them.

Which was your first doll? 

Actually I had first two dolls. I got Lucky (2011) and Coco (2009) at the same time.

Do you have a favourite? 

It’s so hard to pick one. All of them are unique and precious to me. Each one has that tiny detail that touches my heart. If I had to chose, besides Poppet, I love the Adolie Day, Hello Kitty and Nina Zimmerman series so much.

Are there any dolls which you found hard to track down? 

Yota's dolls and the Love trio by Kong Soo were so hard get my hands on. Actually they were the last pieces to complete my collection. The Love trio was the very last one and I consider it to be a message from the universe to me!

What's your favourite thing about being a Momiji Superfan? 

Momiji was just like love at first sight. As I have completed all the collection by so far, I feel like I’ve got all my beloved friends living together with me. I know the journey, I know all dolls by their names and dates, I remember each release, each contest. I like not only the dolls but their stories, packages, accessories, pictures and everything. My heart bumps with every release and I can’t wait to hold them in my hands. The feelings I have have inspired people I know and I’m so happy that I’ve made many Superfans. I even like it when sometimes my close friends call me by my nickname, putting “Momiji” before my real name and I love it when I pop into their minds if a doll is mentioned. Hearing someone got a doll after seeing a picture of mine has always put my head in the clouds. In the end, whats the point of having fun if you can’t share it? Being a Superfan has made me lots of great friends with whom I can share my enthusiasm. I feel like its a love in return and I feel like I’m a part of it.

Where do you keep your collection? 

I display them on a custom-made shelf. I had been dreaming about it.  My mom who is an architect designed it and drew the exact measurements for the sizes of the dolls. Actually taking Lilibet into account we had a mix of tall and short racks which also gave it a modern twist. It was mounted before I moved in and it was the best moment, unpacking each doll and getting them moved into their new home, just like me! I also have all the snowglobes displayed on my TV unit.

My big Thank you doll and Emmeline who couldn’t fit in the rack, greet my guests in the entrance hall. I also use all my accessories such as key rings, mugs, pins, mouse pad, pouches in my daily life.

Which Momiji are you most like? 

Poppet and I are identical sisters. I remember the day I first saw her. It was like looking at myself as a cartoon; red hair, eyeliner, the wink, the suitcase which is always ready to go. Most of my friends say so. I symbolise myself with her and she has travelled with me to everywhere I go since I had her.  We both know where the rainbows shine!

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a Momiji collection? 

Being a collector is not done by having a few dolls or trying to get all of them at once. You must devote time and a budget to it. It should be considered as a long journey. You have to enjoy the sights and the stops. You should appreciate each doll and get exited for a new one. But you should also keep in mind that this journey is a one way ticket. Once you give your heart in it there is no way back.

What does Momiji mean to you? 

The first word that comes to mind would be kindness. They have that delicacy in every detail. The peace and grace on their face feels just like they are all just made of happy thoughts and they are here to spread the love from within. They were my relief from bad memories and a gateway to special friendships and now my inspiration for all the good vibes. As I can’t pick the true words to express myself, I accept that its because they make me too exited to explain. Momiji means a tiny spell that cast by each doll to add a sparkle in my life.

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