How To: Make Your Own Sleep Mask

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How To: Make Your Own Sleep Mask

We spend a third of our lives asleep yet we know so little about it. What we do know is that too little sleep over several nights leaves you tired, unable to concentrate, depressed, anxious and, eventually, if it continues, at an increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Momiji dolls are really good at resting and relaxing so we asked a few of them for their top tips. In addition to cutting down on caffeine and making time for exercise during the day, a few of them recommended sleep masks. Wearing a sleep mask covers the light receptors within your eyes, giving the signal to your brain to produce melatonin. Sleep happens after a reduction in the body's temperature and a rise in its production of melatonin. In addition to supporting sleep, melatonin also stregthens the body's defense mechanisms so it can help to protect against health issues.

That's the science out of the way. We'll move on to the fun bit. Helena has created three templates for you so that you can match your mask to a Momiji. They're super simple to make, so there's no need to be a textile genius.

If you decide to have a go please share a photo with us on Instagram, we would LOVE to see. 

You will need

Sleep Mask Pattern Download and print it here.
Sheets of felt in white, black and pink
A short piece of elastic (to go round the back of your head)
ScissorsTextile glue or a hot glue gun
optional: wadding (or cotton wool), pins, needle and thread.


1. Download and print your pattern. Cut out the pieces of your chosen mask and lay them on the correct colour felt.

2. Cut out the shapes from the felt. You will need to cut out two of the main mask shape.

3. Take one mask shape and assmble all the features onto it, gluing them into place.

4. Cut a piece of elastic that fits around your head and either sew it or glue it into place. Next glue on the second mask shape to form the back of the sleep mask. Before you add the back piece you can fill the mask with wedding or cotton woll to make the final result padded and softer. 

5. Allow to dry completely before you wear it.

6. Send us a photo! #momijidolls

Sleep tight!

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  • The eye mask pattern PDF is not loading for me. Any chance you could emailing to me?


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