Welcome to a new series for the Momiji blog. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about support networks; the unique combination of people who get each of us through the day, the week and the years. 

I wanted to chat with people I admire and find out more about their support squad; find out who they rely on for wisdom, kindness, laughter and solidarity. 

We hear from people all over the world who have been given a doll by someone special to them or who are choosing a Momiji as a gift for a person they love. I love that Momiji become little symbols of solidarity, hiding words of encouragement and kindness. 

The first person in our series is someone who will be familiar to many of you; Luli Bunny (or Lucila if we’re using her real name!) has become part of our Momiji global family. She has designed many iconic dolls for us over the years. We wanted to find out a little bit more about her life and those people who make up her Support Squad...

Name Lucila (Luli Bunny for the collectors :))
Hometown Buenos Aires, Argentina
Job Character Designer and Illustrator. I have designed over 20 Momiji dolls that I love and treasure and are a part of me and my life.
Today I’m feeling…Today is Sunday and I am feeling positive. Here it's summer and the weather this weekend has been really hot :)

My Support Squad

People tell me I can be really empathic, so I deeply connect with people from different walks of life. When I feel the connection I can be very open about my feelings and dreams, when I don't, I close myself like a book.
I am thankful for the friends I've met in my life, for my family and for having this safety net when things get difficult.

I’m going to introduce you to a few of the people that make my life brighter and happier.

My Family

First my family; my dad, my mom, my dog Morty (my doggie brother) and especially my sisters (Alejandra and Laura) They have been my pillars throughout my life and I know I can always count on them. With Laura I connect face to face because we live in the same city and see each other almost every day. With Alejandra we share long WhatsApp chats and calls because she lives in London.

Luli & Laura

They inspired some of my designs for Momiji, in fact most of the people I am going to mention did :) Alejandra, inspired Alex from the Book Club collection and Laura inspired Harmony. They are both strong independent women and each have traits I admire and both teach me and help me grow.

Luli & Alejandra with Laura on the phone!


My friend Meme; my sister from other parents. She has a Momiji tattoo of Galaxy Girl. We've been friends for many years and she's been there for me in my difficult times and happiest times, she’s open, honest and my biggest fan. She's been supporting my artistic work since I started more than 10 years ago. Meme inspires me to be strong, to persevere and be myself, she is a strong crazy cat lady, and an inspiration for Calico.
We both share a tattoo and a bond for life. I can be completely in silence around her and everything is good, we respect and care for each other.


My friend Paula, is my friend and my mentor in everything regarding illustration and a great illustrator herself. She draws the most beautiful girls. She inspired Wish Upon a Star and has been a very important guide in my life. We can talk about everything and share our love for art and beautiful things. We see each other every month to have coffee and long talks, love to have her in my life.

Wish Upon a Star - Luli's friend Paula was the inspiration behind this Momiji design. Photo credit @bywonderland


My friend Mauro, my brother from other parents. When I talk with him I feel I can be myself, my true self. I feel safe around him. I can be open with him and we can talk about anything, really anything. He is a great, talented and sensible artist. I designed Storm in 2018, she is a special design for me and I relate her to him; he's been my lighthouse during my storms. He is caring and though he lives in another city I always feel he is near me. I can talk with him for hours on the phone and also enjoy moments of silence without feeling awkward. He inspires me to be myself, to speak my voice, like thunder in a storm. 

My friend Mauro inspires me to be myself, to speak my voice, like thunder in a storm.

Storm designed by Luli. Photo credit @glcee


My friend Nerissa is one of my newest friends. We met last year online, she is from Australia so it's so nice to talk with her because it's always tomorrow when we talk :) When it's night here, it's day there. She's inspires me to connect with my intuition and nature and can be really caring and loving, a real Queen of Cups :)

I have many friends who bring joy and light to my life and the people I mentioned above are a really important part of it.

Thank you, Luli! You have become such an important part of our Momiji Support Squad and we love having you in the Momiji family. 

I hope you enjoyed this first post in the series. I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Maybe it has got you thinking about your own Support Squad. Perhaps there’s someone you’d like us to interview. Let us know! We’ll be back with more soon.

If you’d like to see all the Momiji that Luli has designed for us, they’re here.

Interview by Claire | Co-founder Momiji