Our Story

Momiji began back in 2005 when we created our first collection of 12 dolls. At the time we had no idea of the adventure we were about to embark upon, where it would take us or the people we’d meet along the way. Today we devote our days to designing and creating Momiji and we inhabit a world of characters, designers, collectors, gift-givers, die-hard fans, amazing partners and so many happy stories.

When we created Momiji we were inspired by adventures in Seoul and Tokyo where we swooned over perfect packaging and our eyes lit up at the beautiful way gifts are given there. Memories of bright colours, happy words and design details that made us weak at the knees will stay with us forever.

We’ve worked with guest designers from all around the world and Momiji dolls have changed and evolved. Each doll and designer adds something new to the Momiji story. We’re a very happy international jumble of influences, people, ideas and friendships. We’ve worked with designers from Austria, Malaysia, Australia, Chile, Thailand, Germany, Canada, Slovenia, Singapore, the USA to name but a few.

Whilst we’re pretty addicted to technology, one of our favourite things about Momiji is their old school vibe. Each one contains a tiny folded card for a handwritten message, dream or wish. In a world of text messages, digital updates and social media it gives us a cosy glow to know that all around the world there are millions of Momiji sitting on desks or bookshelves, hiding handwritten messages, birthday wishes, secret jokes and special words. Births and birthdays, exams and graduations, bridesmaids and best friends, proposals and weddings; we’re lucky that we get to hear the stories behind many of these milestones and moments.

One of the best things about life at Momiji is collaborating.
We love discovering new designers.
You can read about becoming a guest designer for Momiji here.

We’ve also teamed up with great stores, galleries and colleges. We’ve worked with Selfridges, Royal/T and Chelsea College of Art & Design, oh and there was the time Gwen Stefani invited us to run a Momiji painting workshop at a party in LA...but we don’t like to go on about it.

We’re an independent UK company with a small core team but there are members of the Momiji family around the world which means we can ship from our warehouse bases in Hong Kong, the US and Britain, so wherever you live there’s a Momiji hub not too far away.

This year we're celebrating our 15th Anniversary and we’re all about friendships, special editions and collaborations.

To all the people around the world who make our
Momiji world spin, we want to say a huge thank you.
Keep spreading the love.

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