Our Crafty Interview With Aww, Sam.

Our Crafty Interview With Aww, Sam.

Regular readers of the Momiji blog will know that we love to bring you interviews with people who inspire us with their creative careers. 
You may remember we featured blogger Sam of Aww, Sam just before Halloween - we loved her popcorn costume tutorial which reminded us of a certain Momiji doll!

We had a chat with Sam about ideas, inspiration and motivation. If you're feeling the onset of a crafty Christmas then make sure you head over to her blog for heaps of festive fun. We particularly love her burger baubles! I'm pretty sure it's how Giggles will be decorating her tree this year.

Name: Sam Ushiro

Hometown: I'm a Michigan transplant currently living in Brooklyn, NY

Did you always know you would have a creative career? I've always loved creating. Although some people can say that they've known since the time they were born, I've probably known since I was 18 (so it's only been 5 years really). I didn't know what I wanted to do very long time, and I definitely didn't think I would be blogging for a full time job. Crafting was always something I loved to do in my free time, but I didn't even imagine it as a job option until much later in my life. 

When did you begin blogging? I started my blog when I graduated from school, which was about 6 months ago now! (It feels like it's been much longer. Ha!)

What advice would you give to anyone who is feeling nervous about pursuing their dream of a career in art and design? It's always a little scary to initially put yourself out there, but if you even have a little interest in art or design, give it a try! If after a while it doesn't feel like the right fit, you can always move onto something else. And the great thing about art and design is that there are so many different directions you could go in, so just start making and you might find an interest that you didn't expect!

What do you do on days when you're looking for inspiration and new ideas? I usually wander around the craft store or the party store. I find the most inspiration in looking at materials, shapes, colors, etc. They are what inform how your creation is going to turn out and they are the starting point for any design. 

Who are your favourite designers? I have a background in Industrial Design so most of my favorite designers are furniture designers; Arne Jacobsen, Mies van der Rohe, George Nelson. If I could fill my studio with only designer furniture, it would all definitely be by these designers. 

What has been your favourite project so far? This was my first year doing Halloween costumes, and I absolutely loved creating those and coming up with so many different options!

What's your favourite thing about living where you do? I'm a HUGE film fan, and New York has so many great opportunities to meet directors and actors as well as screen movies that you wouldn't be able to see anywhere else. Having so much inspiration and creative energy right at your fingertips is invaluable! 

Can you tell us about a typical day at the Aww Sam office? I usually start out with a morning cup of tea when I wake up while I catch up on a TV show I've been watching or finish up a movie. I try to start out the day giving myself an hour of relaxation so I have the momentum to keep going afterwards. Next, I answer emails or start making a project for a shoot later in the day. Since I do a lot of photography, I only have so many good hours of daylight, so I have to plan out perfectly when I finish projects so that I don't miss that crucial moment. 

In the kitchen what's your speciality dish? Definitely donuts. I don't do much cooking (meaning really not at all), and I mostly bake. Donuts are what I make more than any other baked good, so I've definitely gotten the hang of things in the donut department. 

Friday nights or Sunday mornings? Sunday mornings definitely. Lazy Sunday mornings might be my favorite things ever, really.

Thanks, Sam!

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