When we created our Little Warriors collection we wanted to include a Momiji that was a reminder to use your voice. We created Courageous You with her megaphone to be a symbol of finding the courage to speak out about things you're passionate about and in support of people who need encouragement. 

She could be a the perfect gift for someone who needs to know that you're there for them, cheering them on as they speak their truth. 

These are some examples of women who have spoken about using their voice and making themselves heard in a world where it's not always easy to do so. 

“Even to me the issue of "stay small, sweet, quiet, and modest" sounds like an outdated problem, but the truth is that women still run into those demands whenever we find and use our voices.” 

- Brené Brown, Daring Greatly

“I raise up my voice—not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. … We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.”

- Malala Yousafzai, activist for female education

"Words have power. TV has power. My pen has power." 

- Shonda Rhimes, producer & screenwriter

"A very big part of stand-up comedy is that the audience need to believe that the comic is in control and is happy being there. It's very exposing and it forced me to stop hiding and say 'I'm disabled, I'm wobbly and I'm OK with that – I'm just going to connect with you as a person'.

- Francesca Martinez, comedian

"Speaking in public as a Black girl is already daunting enough, just coming onstage with my dark skin and my hair and my race — that in itself is inviting a type of people that have not often been welcomed or celebrated in the public sphere. Beyond that, as someone with a speech impediment, that impostor syndrome has always been exacerbated because there's the concern, Is the content of what I'm saying good enough? And then the additional fear, Is the way I'm saying it good enough?"

- Amanda Gorman, poet

“Sometimes you feel it’s braver to say something outrageous, and it’s not always. Sometimes it’s braver to say the vulnerable thing.”

- Phoebe Waller-Bridge, writer



Tell us who has inspired you with their spoken words. Is there a speech that has been particularly memorable or perhaps someone in your life gave you words of wisdom that have guided you and stayed with you. Leave us a comment below and we'll choose four winners next week. Each winner will receive a gift card to spend at so they can choose a Momiji of their choice. Contest closes 9am UK time on Monday 12th April. It's open to everyone, everywhere. 

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  • My inspiration came from my grandfather who amongst other things told me to be true to myself and to follow my dreams. He was a true inspiration to me.

    Kim Norton
  • Madre Teresa of Calcuta with her acts.

    Esther A
  • My ballet teacher always told us “he who has never fallen down has never tried anything new”. I was often anxious of making mistakes and was terrified of appearing less than perfect. But my teacher’s words have always stuck with me and they encourage me to attempt new things- even if I might fail the first 100 times! I know that it does not do to be scared of failure, for you will never succeed if you don’t try at all.

    Yelizaveta Thompson
  • My grandmother, who in her final days was reminiscing about how she liked roasted chestnuts and how she couldn’t afford them when she was younger, and how, now that she could afford them, she couldn’t eat them, said to me, “If you can eat, eat.”
    (She said it in dialect so this is a rough translation.) In these few words, she taught me to treasure the present, smell the roses, be kind to myself, and be grateful always for our blessings.

  • Mum – she still irons my shirt and im 35!

  • I am not religious but Jesus words inspired me in Sunday School he spoke about kindness, forgiveness an compassion justice and equality. He taught me to love and accept people. I have always lived by his word .

    Janie-Fleur Matcham
  • My daughter sheriah 8 she has been missing her friends but gets on with things . She is very emotional and has hard past year being off school. I would love to show her how special she is and that she has been super brave

    Jeanette Leighton
  • My daughter sheriah 8 she has been missing her friends but gets on with things . She is very emotional and has hard past year being off school. I would love to show her how special she is and that she has been super brave

    Jeanette Leighton
  • The most inspirational people in my life have been the other bereaved mothers that carried me through my grief after losing my two sons. When I first met these other mamas at a support group held in the same hospital where my firstborn son had lived his short life and died, I was petrified. I soon entered a club that nobody wants to join. They held me up on the days where my limbs were too painful with grief to move. They let me know that all of my feelings were normal and the same as theirs. Then when my second baby boy died a year later they all came to hold my hand and cry with me. If it wasn’t traumatic enough for them to have gone through it themselves, they were selfless enough to live through my grief with me and be by my side in the hospital. They made my husband and I meals on days where we wouldn’t have eaten a thing. They made sure I knew they were always there and will forever be the most cherished women I will ever have the pleasure to meet. I’m grateful for their strength, kindness and compassion every day.

    Amy Meredith-Storer
  • My inspiration will always be my mom. Cancer took her away but in life she was the most passionate worker, artisan and professional. her memory lives on in those of us who knew and loved her. The best mother and my best friendo for enero., forever in my heart.

    Denise Alsina
  • My daughter, 15 years old has cerebral palsy. She has overcome a lot of struggles in her life. We are always cheering for her, and always will. Her lines are, keep trying…dont give up and things will get better! She is simply fabulous!(and so is my other daughter;-)

  • My mum passed away when I was 17 but she always told me you cant be everyones cup of tea, especially when you are coffee. I use that every day to remind myself that you cannpt be liked by everyone and be happy in your own skin and with who you are

    Hannah Parker
  • Great Giveaway! Lovely

    Michael Horsfield
  • I heard the message of Pope Francis during this pandemic and it tells so much truth about it. Here it goes “Nor can we let the virus of radical individualism win us over and make us indifferent to the suffering of other brothers and sisters. I cannot put myself before others, putting the laws of the market and invention patents above the laws of love and the health of humanity.” All lives matter whatever their color, race, religion etc. What we need is to put an E at the end of the word HUMAN in order for this world to heal.

  • My inspiration comes from a group of 7 young gentlemen from South Korea who have taken the world by storm by breaking down barriers and confirming that music without borders is the language of the world.

    They have done so much in this world for social inclusion and awareness of world issues while supporting many humanitarian causes including the UNICEF Love Myself campaign; Link to the original UNICEF speech here in 2018: and video link: .
    BTS returned in 2020 to the UN to address their campaign in the new world of a pandemic, link here: .

    BTS has the largest fan base in the world at 136.4 million fans worldwide at last count and they are called ARMY but BTS are very little known for their global impact of influence in the ‘western countries’. However; they have proven to the world that music is a language for all as they have broken all cultural norms to sing in predominately Korean. Their music and music videos always have a story of young life struggles, loneliness, anxiety and also hope and promise that the world can be a better place. Their messages cross borders and influence over generations also; such as myself!

    They have connected millions of people around the world especially during this pandemic and they have given Hope to them, their fan base ARMY supports each other and is inclusive of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and or other ideologies.

    Charlotte Erika Walker

    Charlotte Erika Walker

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