A Weekend Happiness Challenge

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A Weekend Happiness Challenge

How are your plans for the weekend shaping up? We were chatting about how it’s so easy for Monday to roll around before you feel like you’ve achieved anything. So we’ve put together a list of little challenges that should mean you go to sleep on Sunday night with a happy glow. You’re allowed to give yourself a pat on the back if you give them a go.

Maybe pick at something from each section and challenge yourself to do it. 

Something for someone else...

Buy three random postcards and write them to three people you've not seen for ages. Then SEND THEM. (Don't carry them round in your bag until they're creased and out of date. I’m speaking from experience on this one.)

If you notice that someone is doing a good job or they help you out then acknowledge this and thank them. (Tell their boss too!)

Turn up at a friend’s house with cake. 

Give someone a sincere compliment.

If you know someone who is overwhelmed or struggling, ask them if there's anything you can do to help them this weekend. Maybe you could give them a lift or go shopping for them. They'll appreciate you offering. 

Something for yourself...

Run yourself a long luxurious bath - light candles, choose the music, lie back and feel all floaty and immersed. Yes, this is an obvious one, but when was the last time you did it? 

Eat something with melted cheese on. Enough said.

Buy yourself and new notebook and pen. Instant happiness. 

Have crumpets for breakfast and listen to a new podcast while you eat them. 

Paint your nails. An injection of colour on the end of your fingers is an instant pick-me-up. And you'll have to sit and relax while you wait for it to dry which is an added bonus. 

Something for the world....

If you're out and about this weekend take a reusable coffee cup or water bottle rather than using disposable plastic.

Give Blood. Take a friend with you too. 

Unplug! Lights, chargers, TVs on standby - if you're not using them turn them all off. 

Create a "pollination stop" - An estimated 70 percent of the food we eat is dependent upon pollination by insects such as bees. Bees are in trouble and you could help. Google how to begin planting a bee-friendly habitat.  

Ditch the car for the weekend. See if you can go for a weekend using only public transport or walking. It might be the start of an unexpected adventure.

Happy weekend y’all. Here’s to a sense of accomplishment on Sunday night! 

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