Nina Zimmerman

United Kingdom

Originally from Germany, Nina now lives in the UK. She created The Itchy Feet collection for us, inspired by travel, adventures and dreams of faraway places.

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How did you begin exploring your ideas for your Momiji dolls? When I designed my 'Itchy Feet' range I had literally just moved to London from Germany. Everything was new and exciting. I was especially overwhelmed by the diversity, all the different people you can meet here. It's what makes London such a great city, people coming from all over the world to visit or to live here. I would just sit in Cafés, on the tube or wonder about and watch people, picking out a few quirky ones that would inspire me to my final characters.

What was your favourite part of the design process? Two things, the beginning and the end. I loved going out and finding quirky people that would inspire me for my final designs. Doing all the research, looking at new things, going to to new places - love it! After that I just want to get to the finished design. When everything is finished and turned out the way I had it in my head - that makes me happy. I love looking at a finished design. I am anything but a very patient person when it comes to this and when I have an idea for something I just need to get it out of my head and do it. Once I start working on a project I can't stop, I work on it ideally day and night until it is finally finished. Then once it's done and it has all come together the way I had it in my head - great!

Tell us about your workspace. Do you design in a specific place or do you find it easy to work anywhere?  Anywhere that has a table to put my laptop and Wacom board on in is just fine. 

What would you say are the most important characteristics for anyone wanting to work in design? Probably just as with any other job: Don't do it, if you don't love it. Be passionate. Be curious. Be open to everything and never stop learning.

If you could live in any other city in the world where would you choose and why? Definitely San Francisco - I would love to live there! Why? I'm not sure, I have never been. But from what I have heard and seen it just feels like my kind of place. Palm trees, beaches and Marshmallow Fluff - what's not to like?

Friday nights or Sunday mornings? Four years ago the answer would have been a definite "Friday nights", now, two little girls later it's a vote for "Sunday mornings". Love nothing more than having breakfast in bed with them, watching cartoons or having pillow fights. 

Thanks, Nina!