Katia De Conti


Katia De Conti was born in Geneva, the Switzerland 1976, where she is still living and working today. Since graduating in Graphic design at the Art Academy in Geneva she went on to become an illustrator. Katia does illustration work for children, watches, toys, educational animation.

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Hello Katia! Where are you today? Can you set the scene? In my studio at my computer with my man singing right in front! Beside me, a stack of book art that inspires me for my new job, a children's book!

What's a regular day in the life of Katia De Conti like? I like getting up early in the morning, do a little turn in the garden in pyjamas to listen the birds before my cup of coffee. Then go to the studio until six o'clock and meet friends in the evening to discuss.

Complete this sentence: "You can never have too many..." LOVE!

Your dolls are inspired the 1920s era...what do you love about that period of fashion? Everything! The patterns, graphics and colorate, the length of skirts, the forms of shoes and the accessorise!

How did you approach designing your Momiji dolls? Do you start with sketches and doodles or do you immediately get going digitally? I start with some ideas on paper then I very quickly begin the digital.

Where is your favourite place in the world? I can't answer. Too many places!

What's your favourite thing about living in Geneva? The nature....

Lazy brunch or dainty afternoon tea?Dainty brunch and lazy afternoon tea are perfect for me!

Thanks, Katia!