Meet The Team

Find out more about the people at Momiji HQ.

Helena Štamulak

As Head of Creative I have the immense pleasure of touching all phases of making Momiji a reality; designing everything from dolls and packaging to building photo sets and other fun visual materials.

I designed my first doll for a competition back in 2009, long before I officially joined the company and I fell in love with the brand instantly. What can I say, I am a sucker for quirky, sometimes cheeky, colourful and honest design with a great story. And now, some 100+ dolls later...I guess it is fair to admit there has probably always been a little bit of Momiji in me.

There are many things that colour my life:
My amazing sidekick Silver (Arrow ;)), a goofy, lovable Boston Terrier - just one of three we have in the family - who is in charge of getting my creativity levels up even on the greyest of days.

Adidas Originals track jackets; some might say I have a minor hoarding problem owning 10+ and all in different colours. I say you can never have too many!

Music and dance floors, I am notorious for dancing like nobody is watching - never in heels. So if you ever notice a blonde in flats, dancing her heart out, claiming way too much of the podium to herself…don't be a stranger, come and say hi!

I LOVE : colours and patterns, beautiful hardcover books, my wild hair ironed flat, unhealthy amounts of Nutella, losing my phone for days, Paris in September, New York in May…oh and did I mention colours and patterns?

I DISLIKE : Monday mornings, watery hot chocolate, paper cuts, having to work when it’s sunny outside, not being able to teleport myself to my sister's sofa in NY when I feel like talking for days. 

Read more about my creative process behind making a Momiji here.

Favourite Quote

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein

Momiji I'm most like

Edie & Elvis for all the obvious reasons: impeccable taste & style. I mean, squint your eyes, imagine her hair blond and tell me you don’t see it - I could be her. If I was a Momiji doll I WOULD want to be her :)