Collecting Momiji Dolls? We love our collectors and over the past 16 years we’ve created over 300 Momiji characters. Choose your favourite doll and start your own Momiji story.

Momiji dolls make the perfect gift for someone special. The dolls contain a hidden message in their base, to keep your words safe forever. Hand-write a message of love, good luck or a happy memory and the Momiji doll will keep your secret!
memories, milestones & messages
Candy Button 8cm VALENTINES GIFTS Momiji-uk

Candy Button 8cm

Mizu 8cm Wishing Dolls Momiji-uk

Mizu 8cm

Roarsome 13cm VALENTINES GIFTS Momiji-uk

Roarsome 13cm

Sweetie 8cm VALENTINES GIFTS Momiji-uk

Sweetie 8cm

Big Birthday 20cm/8in Momiji-uk

Big Birthday 20cm/8in

Sweetie 12cm VALENTINES GIFTS Momiji-uk

Sweetie 12cm

Melody HN. #001

Melody HN. #001

Tooth Mouse Momiji-uk

Tooth Mouse



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