Win a Signed Momiji Doll

Win a Signed Momiji Doll

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Can you remember your grandmother's handwriting? My granny had curly, loopy writing (that I couldn't always read when I was little) but I remember that getting a handwritten letter was so exciting.

Last week I read a UK survey that said 65% of people had neither sent nor received a handwritten letter in the past decade. Don’t get me wrong, I would be lost without my phone and digital communications are efficient, funny, friendly and easy but there's still something about a handwritten note that makes you feel all giddy and connected. 

We had an email this week from a lovely new customer who said she loved her Momiji doll but was worried because the paper inside hers had arrived blank without a message on it, she said she felt some of the 'magic was lost.' We explained that all the message slips inside Momiji are blank because they're for you to personalise and either give to someone else or treasure as a reminder of a wish or promise to yourself. THE MAGIC LIES WITHIN YOU!

(Inside every Momiji there's a tiny card for your own message. They don't come with funny eyes though, they were added by the wonderful @ozzhead who took this photo on Instagram.)

In the survey I mentioned, 89% of people said they'd love to receive more handwritten correspondence and 70% said they had a collection of treasured letters from the past. This reminded me that at HQ we often hear from people, especially mothers and grandmothers who buy a Momiji to give to their daughters or granddaughters on each milestone or occasion and write a tiny message of love to be kept inside the doll. I love that thought!

So today we're running a handwriting-themed contest. (Don't worry, we're not asking you to enter by snail mail!) if you'd like to take part then leave us a comment below and tell us your favourite handwritten memory. It could be about letters, little notes in your lunch box, something you've treasured from school or a memory about a penpal. It could be about a message you've written inside a Momiji or one you've received from someone else. 

The winner will receive a Curiosity doll from 2012. She was one of our most loved designs and can be pretty hard to track down these days. PLUS in keeping with our handwritten theme, the doll will be SIGNED by her designer, Helena Stamulak. 

If you'd like to win this special prize then leave us a comment below before midnight on Sunday UK time. We'll select a winner next week. Please try and keep your comments below 200 words but we won't be too strict on this ;)
The contest is open to everyone, everywhere. Full Terms & Conditions are here

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!
Good luck!

Photo of Tilly & Ralph, who will never give up on the romance of handwritten letters, taken by @zehruj on Instagram

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