Treeson Momiji

Treeson Momiji

Bubi Au Yeung Treeson Momiji doll

Helena and I have been huge fans of Bubi Au Yeung for years now so when we started chatting about a possible collaboration we were wide-eyed with excitement. We finally got to meet Bubi at Pictoplasma in 2014 and listen to her sweet, inspiring talk at the conference. We also go to see an exhibition of her work as part of the festival's Character Walk which was magical and we had to restrain ourselves from running away with everything because we're so in love with her work.

The new Limited Edition release combines Treeson, a creature of the forest with a Momiji girl who represents a human soul. Treeson is known for the branch that sticks out from his heart.

“I used to have nothing in my chest. Then one day, a tree branch was stabbed into my heart. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt. I'm used to it now. Don't we all have something in our heart as we get older? I like my friends. I smile a lot. And I'm seldom bored. I am Treeson, the son of trees.” 

Only 500 pieces of TREESON MOMIJI have been produced, each one is numbered on the base by hand. 

We had a chat with Bubi. Here's what she had to say...

How did you begin exploring your ideas for your Momiji doll?

Treeson is a creature in the forest so I have the idea to create a Momiji doll which show the connection between a girl (Human) and Treeson, and I hope this special version of Momiji doll would help spreading the love of nature and friendship.

What’s your usual way of working; do you sketch first or immediately create digital files?

I had lot of sketchbooks and I really enjoy sketching on them, so most of the time I would sketch my ideas with my favourite brush pen on the sketchbook then create the digital graphic base on those ideas.

Can you tell a little about the Treeson character and what he stands for?

This is the character I created in 2005, he is a creature raised by trees in the forest, that's why I named him Treeson, meaning he is the son of tree. I hope when people see Treeson, he would remind them to care about our nature.

What was your favourite part of the design process?

That would be doodling on sketchbook.

Tell us about your workspace. Do you design in a specific place or do you find it easy to work anywhere?

I find it easy and comfortable to work at my room though it is very small and so as my desk too, and I usually sketch or draw on my bed first then create digital graphic on my iMac.

Tell us about a typical work day.

I have a full time job so I have a regular schedule from Monday to Friday:
7:30am wake up and take shower
8:00am breakfast
9:00am arrive office and working
12:45-2:00pm lunch
2:00-6:30 or 7pm working
7:00-9:00pm leave office and go to gym
9:00pm -10:00pm shower
10:00-11:00pm check email and work on my own stuff
Before 12am sleep

What would you say are the most important characteristics for anyone wanting to work in design?

To stay open-minded is really important, if you are always inspired by surrounding and open to accept different culture, trends, ideas, even a judgement then you will always be inspired which can benefit for your creation.

In the movie of your life which song would be the title track on the soundtrack?

The first song come to my mind is "The Beatitudes" from the La Grande Bellezza , whenever I listen to this song, I feel like I am on my way to the very peaceful place which is something I really want - the peace of mind...

In the kitchen, what’s your speciality dish?

Fried egg!

What's your favourite thing about living in Hong Kong?


If you could live in any other city in the world where would you choose and why?

I would choose Paris because I could enjoy delicious food and visit different museums and exhibitions there where I always surrounded by art and beautiful building.

Friday nights or Sunday mornings?

Friday nights.

Thanks Bubi!

Thanks a lot again!

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