Collector Q&A | Meet Nancy

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Collector Q&A | Meet Nancy

If you follow us on Instagram then you may be familiar with one of our most featured photographers, @naypaul. Over the past year or so we’ve got to know Nancy, the person behind the camera a little better. As well as being a talented photographer, she also has beautiful art skills. This week she shared this timelapse video of her colouring a sketch of a Momiji doll.

We wanted to know a bit more about her collection and her creative talents so we caught up with her for a little chat. 

Hi Nancy!

How did you first discover Momiji?

I don’t remember exactly how I found out about Momiji, but what I do remember well is that towards the end of 2016 I came across a picture of a beautiful Momiji doll that instantly stole my heart, she was Little Starlight Girl. That was the moment when I started collecting most of the new releases.

Your artwork is so beautiful - are you a professional illustrator or do you do it as a hobby?

Thank you so much! I actually have a degree in graphic design and occasionally do freelance work alongside my proper job, which is being a mummy to two little humans, but whenever I get a chance and feel inspired to draw I grab my art supplies and paint for myself, just for fun.

How many Momiji do you own?

I am amazed to say that my Momiji collection is coming close to one hundred dolls! My little girl and I counted them and realised that I have collected 97 dolls to this date.

Where do you keep or display your collection?

I have two Momiji displays at home, the biggest one is in the living room in the shape of a glass cabinet that holds my larger Momiji dolls and their friends, plus all my Momiji circus dolls. The other display is in my home studio, it consists of a collection of acrylic mini shelves that hold most of my regular sized dolls. I love these spaces so much that I often find myself standing in front of them admiring such beautiful dolls.

Is there a Momiji which is your favourite or the most special?

I think Little Starlight girl will always have a special place in my heart, she was my very first Momiji doll and the beginning of a great journey. Although, I do have other special Momiji dolls that mean a lot to me for other reasons, like Galaxy Girl and Celeste for example. They remind me of my loved ones that are already in heaven, and make me feel hopeful. And of course my Pixie Pixel Winner’s Edition! It was such an honour to have been awarded this doll, she helps me deal with my struggles about self esteem and confidence when I am feeling down.

What's your favourite snack?

This is such a hard question as I have many favourites! I am often drawn towards savoury snacks, one of my favourites is a portion of salted crisps (or salted peanuts) with a splash of spicy salsa or jalapeño chillies (I just can’t help myself when it comes to spicy food! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am Mexican LOL)

Do you listen to music while you paint and draw?

I usually listen to music while I’m drawing, I have a playlist made of a mixture of songs in Spanish and English, but it really depends on the mood I’m in, sometimes it’s music and other times I just watch-listen to Netflix documentaries while I work.

What's your favourite place you've ever visited?

I haven’t been able to travel a lot through the world, but I can certainly say that the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland are one of my favourite places to visit, I love the huge ‘walls’ and archways made out of green bushes, they always leave me in awe.

All Momiji dolls have 'likes' - if you were a Momiji what likes would we print on your packaging?

This question made me smile. I think my packaging would say something like this: “I like: Green Pozole & Goniochromism”


Thank you Nancy! You'll find @naypaul on Instagram here.

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