Mas of Wanton Doodle


Mas of Wanton Doodle is a compulsive doodler. He tells us he's a corporate cog by day, illustrator by night, with the dark eye circles to prove it. His illustrations are inspired by doodles borne out of sheer boredom, the desire to stay awake during meetings and the compulsion to expend office supplies. His aim is to put fun in function (and form) by marrying them with ornately dizzying lines and cherubic characters. Mas was the creator of Giddyup, our Momiji for the Lunar New Year of the Horse in 2014.

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Hello Mas! Can you tell us how you kicked off the design process?  My character designs usually start with a circle. I wanted Giddyup to have a flowy, majestic mane so I built on the circles, adding swirls and spirals.

What kind of personality does Giddyup have? Playful with lots of sugar, which makes him bounce off walls.

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Wanton DoodleThankfully I rarely have typical days. I am usually zipping to meetings, exchanging ideas, sketching on my tablet or glued to my mac working on a new creation.

Do you have a particular work space that inspires creativity? What's it like? Or can you work anywhere? Home is where both my heart and art is. I feel most comfortable and at ease to create at home. I have a couple of iMacs on my workstation and my macbook - one iMac to design on, the other for inspirations or image references. I’ll airdrop it to the macbook when it is done to show my clients.

What music are you listening to at the moment? Sigur Ros usually makes it to most of my playlist.

Which animal is most like you? Anything make believe. I have always been fascinated by mythical creatures and hybrids, so perhaps the Gryphon.

Friday nights or Sunday mornings? Friday mornings, with the weekend to look forward to.

In the kitchen, what's your signature dish? Anything microwavable. Preferably with instructions.
Do you have any big plans or projects lined up for the lunar year of the horse? Working on a few toys and an upcoming exhibition based on my favourite cartoons.
Thanks, Mas!