Francisca Ruff


Originally from Chile, and graduating in Graphic Design in 2004, Francisca went travelling in Europe in 2007. She had a hunger for discovering new places and finally settled in Berlin where she lives and works now. Francisca created Twinkle, our 2008 Christmas doll which was packaged in a super-sweet tin with a badge and stickers.

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How did you begin exploring your ideas for your Momiji doll?My Momiji doll started with some Christmas drafts I had made some time ago. I kind of started creating a story around this drafts and my Momiji doll ended up being the protagonist. 

What’s your usual way of working; do you sketch first or immediately create digital files?Well, it is depends on the project. Sometimes I need to sketch first and workout the ideas a bit. Other times, I have a very clear picture in my head and I start creating directly on the computer. 

What was your favourite part of the design process?Researching. I love the process of looking for ideas and end up with a pool of images, colours and textures that expresses the concept that I want to communicate.

Tell us about your workspace. Do you design in a specific place or do you find it easy to work anywhere? I need a specific place to design, my workplace. Everything in terms of materials, pencils, etc is there. That makes it easier for sketching and experimenting.

Tell us about a typical work day. I start my work day sipping a cup of tea whilst looking at my favorite design blogs and checking whats new in the design world. Then off I go to work.

What would you say are the most important characteristics for anyone wanting to work in design? Creativity, thinking outside the box, enjoying problem-solving, accepting criticism without taking it personally, working as part of a team and of course, being good with deadlines.

In the movie of your life which song would be the title track on the soundtrack? Ready to Start – Arcade Fire

In the kitchen, what’s your speciality dish? Sweet potato and coconut curry

If you could live in any other city in the world where would you choose and why? Well, I have already chosen another city to live in. :)  I chose Berlin because it is open-minded, cosmopolitan and has a vibrant and ever- changing artistic scene. It's like a "work in progress" city. Besides it has plenty of green spaces and cycle paths that I love. 

Friday nights or Sunday mornings? Friday nights! The week is over and it's time to have fun. 

Who are your design heroes? I don't have any specific design heroes, but I do have favorite book publishers such as Gestalten, Nobrow and Laurence King

What are your favourite magazines? Wrapmagazine is one of my favourite.

Thanks, Francisca!