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Here they all are. Every Momiji, ever.

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What is the Archive?

The Archive is the best place to see everything, you can explore every Momiji doll since day one and find out about who designed it, when it was released, the edition size and how it was packaged. You can explore Momiji by theme if you’re looking for something in particular, like Halloween themed dolls or Birthday dolls.

Momiji began back in 2005.

Since then we've created over 300 different dolls.


One of the best things about life at Momiji is collaborating. We love discovering new designers.
You can read about becoming a guest designer for
Momiji here.

To all the people around the world who make our Momiji world spin, we want to say a huge thank you.
Keep spreading the love.


Momiji is an independent company.
We're a happy jumble of international designers & friendships.


Since we began in 2005 we've created over 300 Momiji characters. Choose your favourites and begin your collection.