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Box of 12 Momiji X Pop Mart Explore

Designer: Momiji

Sold out $122.00 USD
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Helena paris


Helena Stamulak is our Head of Creative and apart from our guest designer col...

April 2020
General Release

What are Momiji Dolls?

Momiji are hand-painted resin message dolls. Turn them upside down... inside every one there's a tiny folded card for your own secret message.

Most Momiji are approx 8cm (3in) tall.

Momiji are not toys. They are designed for display rather than play. Not for children under 13 years old.

Packaging beautifully boxed

Shiny boxes and colourful tubes make us happy.

Packaging is an important part of a momiji doll; it tells you about their character and their favourite things.

Special notes about this doll

You can either buy a set of 12 pieces or order individual boxes. 

These dolls are made from vinyl so they feel a bit different to our resin Momiji.

At 7 - 8.5cm tall, they’re a little bit shorter than resin Momiji dolls.

These dolls don’t have messages in the base. 

The boxes are sealed so it will be a surprise when you open it. 

There are 13 characters in total.

If you buy a set of 12 pieces you’ll get 12 different dolls. Some boxes will contain the ‘extra special’ character which is Penny, the yellow submarine. She’s rare. 1 in 12 sets will contain Penny (or 1/144 if you’re buying single dolls).

We can’t combine pre-orders for these dolls with any other purchases. Please don’t add anything other than Explore dolls to your basket this time. 


Delivery what to expect

We'll usually ship your order from your closest Momiji hub, but if the doll you want is not in stock there then we'll suggest we ship it from the another one (we have hubs in the UK, USA and Hong Kong).

You can change this if you are not happy with it by simply deleting the doll from your basket.

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