We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

You can use any currency available to you from the dropdown menu at the top of the order page. The website will guess your location and suggest a currency for you. You can change this if you wish.

We use a payments company that is based in Chicago in the USA, now owned by PayPal, and uses facilities in the Netherlands in Europe. Momiji is a British company.

If your card is declined please check the common reasons below and if you are still having issues call your bank or try another card.

Common reasons for card decline are:

  • error on entering card data - please re-check all of the numbers including the 3 digit code and date of expiry. Check the format matches that indicated in the boxes before you enter anything.
  • billing address error - check the billing address and the name on the card are 100% accurate
  • card is expired
  • card is at its credit limit
  • international transaction held, this sometimes happens with US orders as we are a British company. If you call your bank they will allow the transaction and probably allow any future transactions without any delay. The US has many banks, all with their own rule variations and policies.

Cards are issued by many banks around the world and they all have slightly different processes and security procedures

Yes. We use a Chicago based company called Braintree and they are owned by PayPal. Their security is industry leading and this website meets their required PCI compliance standards.

Yes. In fact LoveMomiji.com does not store credit card details on the website. We leave that to the experts. They allow us / you access to their secure services and when you choose to store your details it is merely the authority (a token) to use the card rather than the details that are being stored. It means your card details can never be stolen from us as we don’t keep them.

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