No, you can simply place an order as a Guest if you like. It does mean that you won’t be able to see your order progress for yourself but you can alway email us if you need information. You will receive the order confirmation and shipping confirmation as usual. We are required by law to keep the details of the transaction.

Having an account with us means that you can easily follow your order progress with us and also order quickly when we launch limited edition dolls which can sell out very fast. Some of the smaller editions may sell out within an hour to it’s beneficial to have as many details stored with us as you are comfortable with.

It also means you can see you account history over a period of time as well as use the wishlist to add dolls that you may wish to buy next or send to a friend.

Yes. Our site is scanned regularly for malicious activity and is PCI compliant to the level required by the payment processors. You will see the lock sign in the address bar which is the reassuring standard of a secure site.


The minimum is simply your email address and password. After that you can build more information as you wish.


Simply enter your email address in the login box and click “forgotten your password?”  and follow the instructions.

You can do this once you are logged into your account.


Yes, just log in and change the details to your new ones.

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