Something special today! Pop Mart asked us to design a Momiji character for them to celebrate the Qixi Festival. Also sometimes known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, it’s a festival about love. The origins of the celebrations are based on a story about the Niulang and Zhinu (a cow herder and a weaver girl) which is very famous in China. The two lovers were separated on two ends of the Milky Way. Every year, only on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, they can get together. To mark the sad and beautiful love between Niulang and Zhinu, later generations make the seventh day of the seventh lunar month the Qixi Festival, which translates as The Night of Sevens. The love story between Niulang and Zhinv has been passed down from generation to generation since the Han Dynasty (206 BC – AD 220).

Cupingo is on a romantic mission, wearing her flamingo crown and assisted by her sidekick named Kisses. Cupingo is taller than regular Momiji dolls; she measures 15.4cm. These guys are made from vinyl rather than resin, so they feel similar to our blind box collection with Pop Mart. 

Pop Mart have included our signature hidden message into the base of Cupingo so that you can hand-write a tiny love letter to your favourite person or use it to make a wish. 

We’re taking very limited pre-orders on this doll. The global edition size is 2000 pieces but most of those will stay in China. Please place your order before midnight on Sunday 9th August if you’d like to add Cupingo & Kisses to your collection as we won’t be able to bring in any further deliveries. Your parcel will ship out to you from your local Momiji hub on 24th August.

Sending you all lots of love and flamingo kisses. Pre-order here.