Love is in the air. (And if it's not then it should be.) This weekend we're making it our mission to spread some love. We're giving away 3 Momiji dolls and if you'd like to win one then we need your help on our amour-filled adventure. 

You probably know that Momiji dolls are secret messengers. You can hide a hand-written message inside them. So much nicer than a digital message. Wayyyy more cherish-able than a card. Far, far cuter than a lonely red rose. 

If you want to win, all you have to do is leave us a comment below and tell us what you'd write on the message paper inside a Momiji. It could be a tiny poem dedicated to your hamster. It could be an ode to carbohydrates. Perhaps a mini love letter to your secret crush. We don't mind as long as it's full of love and short enough to fit on a Momiji message paper. Keep your succinct sonnets to a maximum of 11 words. (They should be your own words. Don't steal them from Elton John like I did.) So, first of all tell us who the message is for and then in no more than 11 words what you would write on the message slip. 

Leave your answer by midnight on Sunday and we'll announce the winners next week. If you win we'll send you a voucher code to choose your prize from the shop.

Have a LOVEly weekend, all. Find your perfect Momiji here.


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