(From left to right. Top row: Spinderalla, Octavia, Eva, Mimi, Winnie, Ottilie. Bottom row: Parsley, Amelie, Bessie, Freya, Tot, Lois and Grace.)

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls welcome to the Momiji Circus!

Introducing our troupe of characters from the big top. This is a special collaboration with collectable-toy aficionados, POP MART.

These guys are a little different from our traditional Momiji dolls. Firstly, they're a 'blind box' series which means that each one is a surprise; you won't know which character is inside until you open the package. There are 13 to collect in total. 

Parsely, the pony character will be the hardest to track down as she's the most rare. You'll be able to buy the circus dolls individually, or as a set of 12 (this set may or may not include Parsely!)

The dolls are made from vinyl so they feel a little different to our resin Momiji and, as they're a little smaller we haven't included the message slip in the base, but you will find a special collectors card inside each box. 

Momiji Circus launches at the Beijing Toy Show this weekend and will be available soon on lovemomiji.com - stay tuned for more news!

We hope you'll love them as much as we do. Creating this collection has been loads of fun and we've loved working with the amazing team at POP MART. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Who's your favourite? 

Keep an eye on Instagram for pictures from the show this weekend. We're besotted with Beijing!