Can you feel that warmth on your skin? It must be the golden glow radiating from our newest Momiji, Golden Treeson, designed in collaboration with Bubi Au Yeung!

Everyone who ordered Treeson before midnight PST on Tuesday was entered into our special prize draw to win a limited edition screenprint, designed by Bubi. There are only 26 of these in the whole world (Bubi's keeping one for herself so there are 25 to give away!) They are hand-screenprinted onto beautiful paper by a local print studio near Momiji HQ. 

So our 25 winners are:

Susannah Szwarnowska

Camilla Skontoft

Fiona Wolf

Clare Long

Ruth Fletcher

Pamela Miller

Steven Pike

Robert Mulhisen

Maureen Thurston

Emma Bently

Maureen Colquhoun

Tessa Verplancke

Anna Lacombe

Alice Shadjareh

Phil Salon

Kathleen L Trejo

Katt Dandy

Sylvie Cathue

Kerstin Gressel

Johanna Szczesiul

Gail Walker

Lucy Alexander

Charles O'Neill

Ryan Abbott

Millicent Morgan

Stay golden! Congratulations to you all. We'll be shipping your prints out during the first week of July and we'll send them to the address on your Treeson order. If you need to change this then drop us a line at [email protected]