The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.
- Maya Angelou

What does Home mean to you?

I’m house-hunting at the moment. (Funny how we say house-hunting rather than home-hunting.) What is it that makes a building become so much more? 

Our newest Momiji is named Home. She was inspired by that intangible feeling of being right where you’re supposed to be.

...that intangible feeling of being right where you’re supposed to be.

Home means different things to different people. I haven’t quite found my perfect place yet, but high on my list is finding somewhere with the right kitchen. It might not be a fancy one, but it needs to feel like a good place for me to be able to cook for my favourite people. Sunday afternoons chopping and stirring along to podcasts always makes me feel at right at home. 

Yep, it sounds corny, but I’ve come to the conclusion that home is not so much a place, but a feeling. 

What about you? What does home mean for you? Is it a sound, a scent, a place, a person? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. We’ll be choosing five of our faves, who will each win a Momiji of their choice, for their home. 

Tell us in under 100 words and we’ll pick the winners next week. Contest closes on midnight on Sunday 4th June 2017.


First up, THANK YOU. WOAH...that was quite a response. I've been drinking tea, eating a Crunchie and reading them all this morning. They're so lovely. It was really hard to choose (I know people always say that, but really it was) every answer was life-affirming and uplifting. 

So the five winners are: Nicole Mcintosh, Katherine Geogheghan, Teah, Carol Marchiori and Karin. I'm also replying dIrectly under each winner's comment as some people aren't registered users so I can't access your email addresses to contact you about your prize. 

Thanks again everyone - we love you.