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Momiji Hermees & Tiny Trickster

Designer: Gary Ham

Sold out $39.00 USD
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We’re just here for the tomfoolery...and the candy.
Gary Ham
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Gary Ham

Gary Ham is a unique voice in the toy art world.

September 2015
Limited Edition

What are Momiji Dolls?

Momiji are hand-painted resin message dolls. Turn them upside down... inside every one there's a tiny folded card for your own secret message.

Most Momiji are approx 8cm (3in) tall.

Momiji are not toys. They are designed for display rather than play. Not for children under 13 years old.

Packaging beautifully boxed

Shiny boxes and colourful tubes make us happy.

Packaging is an important part of a momiji doll; it tells you about their character and their favourite things.

Special notes about this doll

It's here! Momiji Halloween 2015.

This year we bring you a mischievous collaboration with one of our design heroes, Gary Ham. Gary's Hermees character is loved by contemporary toy collectors around the world. We're delighted to welcome Momiji Hermees and Tiny Trickster into the Momiji family for some Trick or Treating.


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